Property Schedule

Similar to "Property Tasks," the "Property Schedule" is another way to view all tasks for an individual property on a calendar graph view. Not only does the Property Schedule show cleans, work orders, and inspections, but it shows bookings and blackout dates too.  This is a great way to view all tasks on a month-by-month basis by looking at the calendar. This could be useful for the Property Manager to schedule large maintenance projects or work orders by checking the calendar to ensure there are no bookings for the desired work order to be scheduled.

To view the Property Schedule, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. Task Manager
  3. Property Schedule

Next, select the applicable property from the "Property Chooser" drop-down menu.

The calendar defaults to the current month, but using the left and right arrows next to the date, the calendar can show past or future dates:

Above the calendar, see the selected property's name, address, community, owner, and image of the property.

The Schedule

The schedule displays bookings, blackout dates, cleans, inspections, and work orders.

From the schedule, simply click on a task to see more information. For instance, click on a booking to open the Total Booking Summary to view more details, or click an Inspection to see the associated booking, Task Report, or to view/edit the inspection.

Add a Task from the Schedule

The following tasks can be added directly from the schedule for the selected property:

  1. Add Booking/Quote
  2. Add Work Order
  3. Add Advanced Work Order

Add Booking/Quote

Select "Add Booking/Quote" and a new window will open to choose an action. Either select "Quote" or "Add Booking/Blackout Date." Then proceed with adding the guest information to save the quote or add a new booking.

Once a new booking is placed, the end-of-stay departure clean will automatically be added and assigned to the cleaner. If configured, the Task Template for the clean will also automatically be assigned. Please click here, for a reminder on how to assign the Task Template for the clean.

The same applies for the Inspection, if applicable.

Add Work Order

Select "Add Work Order" if using the Regular Work Order Module, or select "Add Advanced Work Order" if using the Advanced Work Order Module. A new window will appear to enter the information about the work order. Once added, it will reflect in the Property Schedule.

The calendar can be printed, by clicking the "Print" icon above the table:

Please check the downloads folder to locate the saved image of the calendar.