Property Tasks

All tasks for an individual property can be viewed under "Property Tasks." This includes scheduled cleans, work orders, and inspections.  This is a great way to get a quick view of all the tasks that are scheduled for any given property.

To view the scheduled tasks, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. Task Manager
  3. Property Tasks

Next, select the applicable property from the "Property Chooser" drop-down menu and enter the desired date range. Click the "Refresh" button to load the data into the table.

All scheduled tasks for this property for the selected date-range will appear in the table.

The table displays the following data:

  1. The Task Type (Housekeeping, Work Order, or Inspection)
  2. Who the task is allocated to
  3. Date
  4. Template
  5. Progress
  6. Guest Name
  7. Booking ID

View the Task Report

Once the task has been updated to "In Progress" or "Completed" from the portal, the Task Report can be viewed.

Select the "Task Report" icon. A new tab will open within the browser to show the Task Report. As a reminder, the Task Report shows the answers and results of the Questions/Requirements on the Task, as well as the required photo uploads. Please click here to see the manual on the Task Report.

View the Total Booking Summary

For cleans and inspections, the Total Booking Summary can be opened from the Property Task table, to quickly see the associated booking and more details.

Select the "Total Booking Summary" icon.

View the Linked Task

To see the associated clean, work order, or inspection that is linked to the task, select the "Link" icon.

A new tab in the browser will open and redirect to either the clean, work order, or inspection for the selected task.

Export Property Tasks

The table of tasks for the selected property can be exported to Excel. To do so, click the "Export" icon above the table. Please check the "Downloads" folder to locate the excel file.