Precautionary 24-72 Hour Booking Fence

The term "booking fence" applies to the practise of enforcing a gap between one guest's departure and another guest's arrival.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, some local regulators and online travel channels are recommending a precautionary 24-72 hour booking fence to allow as much time as possible for a deep cleaning of the home. While it is not yet scientifically conclusive that a booking fence makes much of a difference to viral exposure if a quality clean is performed, this measure is seen as a way to give guests, staff, and homeowners assurance that management companies take health and safety measures seriously. These measures are likely to be temporary while the global tourism industry recovers.

In any case, it's important to be prepared in the event that local government or OTAs mandate a booking fence, and configure the software to automate this process.

To configure a booking fence, or mandatory enforced gap between departures and arrivals:

  1. Navigate in the left menu to Reservations & Quoting > Quoting > Quote Settings > Allow Quotes & Online Bookings.
  2. Select a home from the Property Chooser
  3. Locate the field "Days to enforce gap between bookings" and enter a numerical value. For example, enter "1" for a 24-hour gap, or "3" for a 72-hour gap.
  4. Click "Save".
  5. Repeat this for additional applicable properties.

The field is uniquely applicable to each home, so this step will need to be repeated for any home that requires a booking fence.

NOTE: This setting will not retroactively amend reservations added prior. This setting will also need to be manually turned off at such a time as there is no longer a need to enforce the booking fence. To remove the booking fence, simply follow the above steps once again and change the value to "0".

The enforced gap configured above will apply unilaterally. If the management company wants to exercise choice in which reservations will be subject to a gap prior to the next arrival, a manual black-out date can be added to the calendar.

To add a black-out date with the visual editor (Booking Schedule):

  1. Navigate with the left menu to Reservations & Quoting > Reservations > Booking Schedule.
  2. Use the filters to specify which homes to load (or do nothing to load all) and click "Load Booking Schedule"
  3. Click and drag with the mouse on the dates that should be blacked out, and release the mouse.
  4. Select "Add Booking/Blackout Date".
  5. Select "Black-out dates".
  6. Enter a description (i.e. "Sanitary Block").
  7. Select "Add".

Once complete, the black-out date will appear in the calendar/schedule.

Blackout dates are normally best added from the visual editor, as it's easy to visualize the placement of the hold, but they can also be added in the list editor, a/k/a the Bookings manager.

To add a black-out date with the list editor (Bookings Manager):

  1. Navigate with the left menu to Reservations & Quoting > Reservations > Booking Manager.
  2. Select the property using the "Property Chooser".
  3. Select "Add Booking".
  4. Select "Black-out dates".
  5. Enter a description (i.e. "Sanitary Hold").
  6. Click "Add".