Issue Statuses

In the main Reported Issues table, the “Issues Status” column is used as a visual indicator of the issue’s status. By default, an issue is either “Open” or “Closed”.

To change the status of an Issue:

  1. Locate and select an Issue in the table.
  2. Click into the “Issue Status” cell for that Issue, and open up the drop-down chooser.
  3. Select a status for the Issue.
  4. Press the “Save” icon above the table.

While “Open” and “Closed” are the default Issue Statuses pre-loaded in the system, custom Issue Statuses can be added, and applied.

When adding custom Issue Statuses, the system classifies them as being an open state or closed state. For example, a custom Issue Status may be named “Pending”. Since “Pending” does not denote that the Issue is resolved, it would be classified as an “Open” status. Another custom Issue Status could be “Denied”. This implies that the Reported Issue is being disregarded, and therefor would be a “Closed” status.

To add a custom Issue Status:

  1. Select “Status Manager” at the top of the Reported Issues screen. A pop-up will appear with a table of Issue Statuses.
  2. Select the “+” button.
  3. Enter the name of the custom Issue Status, for example, “Pending” or “Denied”.
  4. Use the checkbox to specify whether this Issue Status is for Open Issues. For example, an issue that’s “Pending” is probably open. Or, an issue that’s “Denied”, is probably not open.
  5. Press the “Save” icon above the table.

The new custom Issue Status can now be applied to an Issue.

NOTE: The Issue Status is a visual reference field. It does not update or link to any offshoot Tasks added in response to the Issue or vice versa.