CiiRUS One: User ManualTask Manager Reported IssuesManaging Issue Reports & Creating New Tasks Resulting from Them

Managing Issue Reports & Creating New Tasks Resulting from Them

To save time and keep organized, new Tasks can be created as the result of a reported Issue from the field staff. In order to create those follow-up Tasks, first locate and manage Reported Issues.

To view reported issues:

  1. Navigate with the left menu to Management Company > Task Manager > Reported Issues.
  2. Use the filter row to adjust dates if necessary.
  3. If filters were moved, select “Search” to bring more Issues into the table.
  4. Reported issues appear in the table.

By default, the table shows the title of the issue, the status, Task ID & Task Type, the property ID, the date added, and by whom.

To add additional information to the table:

  1. Select the column-chooser icon.
  2. Drag and drop a column, such as “comments” into the heading row of the table.
  3. Close the column chooser.

Let's carry on the earlier example of a carpet stain that requires a deep clean. Now a work order needs to be added to have the carpet cleaned.

To create a new Task based on a Reported Issue:

  1. Locate the desired Issue in the table.
  2. Click the “Edit” icon at the far left of the row. A pop-up appears with a new table that will show any follow-up Tasks generated by this Issue.
  3. To add a new Task based on the selected issue, select the “Issue Actions” button.
  4. A prompt will appear, with options to create a new Inspection, Housekeeping, or Work Order. Select which one to add.
  5. Fill in the subsequent form with detailes about the new Task.
  6. Click “Add” to create the new Task.

When a new Task is created based on a reported issue, it will appear in the table below the “Issue Actions” button.

Click the “Link” icon at the far left of the row to view the full Task in its home module. For instance, with a work order created to deep clean the stain carpet, clicking the “Link” icon would redirect to the Work Order module, with that carpet-cleaning Task selected.