Satisfying Questions/Requirements

There are several different kinds of Question/Requirements, and each accepts a different type of input. The Questions/Requirements for each section are shown once a section (i.e. Bathroom) is selected from the Task Summary.

  1. All Question/Requirements include a photo icon, where a proof photo can be uploaded from the camera roll to confirm completion. If a Question/Requirement is set by the management company as a "Photo" type, it is required to upload a photo before moving on.
  2. All Question/Requirements have a dedicated Notes section where general observations can be recorded. If the observation may require follow-up inspections or maintenance, it should be reported as an Issue (see next module "Reporting Issues).
  3. Once a Question/Requirement has been satisfied, the orange dot at the top turns green, and the tally on the Task Summary is updated.

The different kinds of Question/Requirements and how to satisfy them are as follows:

Question/Requirement Description Example
Checklist Accomplish a series of defined steps
  • Dust the top of the dresser
  • Check inside for lost belongings
  • Tighten all nobs
  • Sanitise surface
Photo Upload a photo of something specific Upload a photo of the cleaned room from the doorway.
Count Provide a quantity of items How many clean towels are in the master room closet?
Free Text Provide a written answer to a question Provide a 1-2 sentence summary of the state the guest left the home in.
Yes/No Answer a yes-or-no question Does the room require additional deep cleaning?
Rating Rate a room or item on a scale of 1 to 5 stars Rate the cleanliness of the guests based on the state of the home.
Condition Is the condition of an object good, dirty, damaged, or broken/not working? Specify the condition of the toaster oven.