Task Summary

Select a task from the My Tasks screen to open the Task Summary. This is where the user will see details about the task and respond to the Questions/Requirements that were configured using the templates in CiiRUS.

The top half of the Task Summary shows the lead image for the property, as well as the property name and address. The user can tap the Map icon to redirect their smart phone to the default GPS app, with the property address pre-populated. Below this is a reminder of the Task Type (i.e. Housekeeping), the template name, and the due date of the task.

The lower half of the Task Summary is split between two tabs: Details and Tasks.

On the left side, the “Details” tab has four modules, which relate generally to the overall clean or task:

  1. Comments: this is a general comments box where the user can enter broad observations or notes. These comments go onto the task in general, so they are separate from the notes that can be added to specific rooms, sections, and items within the task.
  2. Photos: this is a general drop-box for photos, which, like the comments section above, do not apply to a specific section, requirement, or item in the task.
  3. Property Details: this section lists general information about the property the task takes places at, including the address, access codes, pool heat information, and more.
  4. Issues: the user is able to raise issues that occur or problems they encounter while completing the task. See the “Raising Issues” section coming below for detailed instructions.

On the right side, the “Tasks” tab lists the total number of outstanding Question/Requirements, followed by a list of the Sections (i.e. Kitchen, Master Bedroom) within the task. Each Section is listed with a tally of the completed Question/Requirements within.

This is the general outline for completing a Task:

  1. Select the “Start Task” bar. This moves the Task status from “Pending” to “In Progress”.
  2. Select a Section (i.e. Master Bedroom).
  3. Begin working through the questions in order (i.e. "dust down the surfaces”) and meet the requirement.
  4. Once the requirement is met on location, press the action button, which may be "Complete" in the event of check-list, or "Yes" or "No" in the event of a yes/no question.
  5. When a Question/Requirement is met, the orange dot at the top-right turns from orange to green, and the tally of outstanding requirements on the Task is updated.
  6. The user can upload photos and add notes to each Question/Requirement.
  7. Select the back-arrow to return to the Task Summary, and move onto the next section. Sections can be exited and reentered whether all requirements have been met or not.
  8. Once all Question/Requirements have been met, select "Finish Task"

A Task cannot be marked as complete until all Question/Requirements within it have been satisfied.

Select the “Back” arrow in the top-left of the Task Summary to return to My Tasks.