Manually Adding & Adjusting Cleans

In the previous module, default cleaners and templates were configured. These defaults empower the system to automatically schedule departure cleans with the best-fit cleaner in each home. However, once added, any clean can be manually adjusted, moved, or reassigned. These processes are covered in this module.

Cleans can be manually added to a reservation from the total booking summary (TBS). The TBS can be accessed from just about anywhere a reservation is shown in the system, but for the sake of this demonstration, it will be accessed through the Bookings Manager.

To manually add a clean to a reservation and apply a Task Template:

  1. Navigate in the left menu to Reservations & Quoting > Reservations > Bookings Manager.
  2. Select a home from the Property Chooser.
  3. Locate the reservation, select the blue-dots icon, and click “Total Booking Summary.”
  4. Select the “Housekeeping” tab.
  5. In the table, click the “+” icon.
  6. Specify the date, cleaner, and clean type (usually “standard end-of-stay) and the Task Template.
  7. Click the "Save" icon.

Edit an existing departure clean in the TBS by clicking the "Edit" icon in the left end of the table. Reassign the cleaner, change the date, or apply a different Task Template using the same steps 6 & 7 above:

The main HouseKeeping schedule in CiiRUS is used to apply broad updates to cleans and manage operation-wide housekeeping from the top-down. To access the housekeeping schedule:

  1. Navigate in the left menu to Management Company > Housekeeping.
  2. Use the filter area to modify the date range.
  3. Click "Refresh"
  4. OPTIONAL: Click the "Column Chooser" to drag and drop additional data and fields into the table.
  5. Use the table to manage all clean details, including date, cleaner, Task Template, time, cost, and more.
  6. Click "Save"

View the full Housekeeping Schedule user-guide here.

Similarly, Work Orders, Advanced Work Orders, and Inspections can be bulk updated and assigned Task Templates from their respective modules.