Property List

The Property List feature will allow you as a property manager to view active, or deleted property information.

To access this screen please go to:

  1. Owners and Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Property list


Property List Table

  1. Display the properties that you want to view that fall within the Arrival and Departure dates dropdown menu
  2. Select if you want to view Active Properties,  Deleted Properties, or Active and Deleted Properties.
  3. Refresh. Pressing this button to update the property list table will display data about each property in your account such as,
  4. Property ID
  5. Property Name
  6. The Property Manager, or Franchisee
  7. If the property is Deleted
  8. The Date Off Management Date which is the day you physically deleted the unit from your account
  9. The owner account balances like the owners Last Month End Date
  10. Today's Balance, or Current Balance
  11. Any Payments Due

Column Chooser

Just like any other table in the system, to show more information,

  1. Right click on the Column Header
  2. Select Column Chooser
  3. Drag and drop any relevant columns into the table.
Column Chooser

To export this data onto a spreadsheet, please click on Export (Bottom Left) so that you can further manipulate this data.

Process Payment from an Owner

The property list table also allows you to process payments due from the owners to you as a property manager. Instead of owners submitting their credit card details on a monthly basis, you can now store owners credit card, or bank account information.

To process a payment from an owner you must first enter the owners credit card, or bank account details. To do so please go to:

  1. Owners and Homes
  2. Manage Owners
  3. Select the Owner
Process Payment from an Owner

Payment Methods Screen

  1. Select Payment Methods
  2. Press Add, to either add their bank account details for ACH payments or their credit or debit card details.

Make sure you click Save.


Payment Methods Screen

Process Payments using Property List

Once you've entered the owners credit card, or bank account details, you can now process payments using Property List. Now let's go back to Property List where you can individually charge the owners credit card, or bank account on file.

To do so, go to back to:

  1. Owners in homes
  2. Property List
  3. Select the Owner
  4. Click on the Take Owner Payment Button.
  5. Specify whether to Take today's amount due which is the current balance, or
  6. To override that click on Take other amount
  7. Specify a specific amount in the Amount field
  8. Then click on Next to process the transaction
  9. Type in Comments to appear as a description on the owner statement
  10. Select the payment method on file
  11. Then make sure you check this box to process the payment now. If this box is not ticked, the payment will appear as a pending transaction, under credit card processing in your system
  12. Click OK



Process Payments using Property List

Once the payment is processed and approval, or declined, a message will appear. If approved, it will automatically apply as a credit from the owner to the individual owner accounts.