Quick Property Setup

The Quick Property Setups screen is where you can check and change many property specific settings.


To view the Quick Property Setup screen and make changes to your property specific settings, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Quick Setup

How to add additional Settings (gif animation below)

There are many settings which affect how your home is managed within your CiiRUS account. The animation below will show how to add other Catagories from the column chooser

General Settings

The General settings category contains the settings that determine the various features and arrangement for each home.

These settings include the number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms the home has, Bedroom Configuration, Sleeps, as well as amenities such as Pool, Spa, Games, or Free Gas.

You can also set your home's AOA Category, CRS class, and any sort of Arrival or Departure Info that you would like to make your guests aware of.

General Settings

Location Settings

The Location settings category contain settings that determine the property's location.

The Community (1) setting controls what homes will appear when a guest searches for homes based on community.

The Tax Location (2) settings control how taxes are applied to a booking based on the property's local tax laws.

House Keeping Settings

The House Keeping setting allows you determine the cleaning amount that gets charged to the owner as well as set the default cleaner for any given property.

With the check box checked in the in the Force House Keeping (1), the software will always schedule a clean to the end of any booking made for that property.

The House Keeping Fee (2) column is the amount that is charged to the owner when ever a clean is scheduled.

The Default Cleaner (3) column will allow you to select a different default cleaner for each property. If left as <Select Cleaner>, the software will refer to the global setting for the default cleaner.

Please note: in order for cleaning charges to be automatically applied to a booking, your rate sets for the property have to be configured first.

Financial Settings

The Financial Settings allow you to change some of the global default finance settings for each property.

The Currency (1) column will allow you to select the default currency display and calculation for the property. This currency setting is for the user's benefit and does not necessarily represent the currency displayed on the website.

The Do You do Monthly Taxes? (2) column  determines how taxes are managed by the software. If you do pay monthly taxes for the property, check the box and your software will track tax information for this property in Tax Reports / Processing. If unchecked, that software will exclude the property from Tax Reports / Processing.

The Override Min Account Bal? (3) and Override Owner Account Amount (4) columns allow you to change the minimum owner account setting for each property. Simply check the box next to the property and enter the amount you would like to override with. The minimum owner balance will now be unique for that property.

SuperSite Settings


The SuperSite settings determine what permissions are granted to booking being forward to your account from another agent.

  1. The Rental Compliant? column determines whether  or not the property is rental compliant. By checking the box in this  column, you are telling the agent that the property is rental compliant,  and you agree to the agent's rental compliance terms.
  2. Enforce AOA stop-sale - enable this setting so the system can automatically place a stop sale / blackout date on the AOA unit once all associated units are booked. Please ensure that the AOA Category has been assigned to all associated units, so the system knows when to place the stop-sale. 
  3. The Master Agent Site Enabled? column determines the properties availability on any agent website that the property is assigned to.

Please note: For any property being streamed to Tourico Holidays all four check boxes must be checked.