MC Details

This article will go over your Management Company (MC) Specific Property Details and settings.


To view the various management company property details and manage settings, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. MC Details and
  4. Select one of the subcategories below
  • Secure Details
  • Access Codes
  • General

Property Secure Details

The Property Secure Details window, contains various account details for services being rendered for the property.

  1. The details on this screen will reflect the currently selected property

Your property may have several accounts related to it from companies that supply services to the home. This can include utility service accounts, cleaning service accounts, insurance policies, or any other service for the home that is billed to a specific account.

You can enter the account details here and save them for convenient reference later. Information entered here will also allow the software to manage and automate bill payments.

Access Codes

To access Lock Codes and Other Codes, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. MC Details
  4. Access Codes

Lock Codes

The Lock Codes panel is where you can store and save the entry code needed to get into the home.

In some cases you may have a different entry code depending on whom is entering the home.  Codes for cleaning or maintenance staff can be entered seperately if required.

If only one code is used for anyone entering the home, enter that code into every field.

Other Security Codes

Your home may have other security information that will be required by the guest. This can include an alarm code, a community gate code, or wireless network credentials.  

If your home requires this security information, enter them into the Other panel.

Adding Account Items

To add an Account Item:

  1. Click the Plus + button to add a new row
  2. Complete the fields in each column by selecting or entering in the desired information
  3. Press the Save button to store the item to your accounts list

Deleting Account Items

To Delete an Item currently in your list of accounts:

  1. Click the Trash Icon to the far right of the row
  2. Press Save

Printing Account Details Report

You can print or export the account information as a report by clicking on the Print button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

With the Print button clicked, the report preview screen will appear where you can view the report.

  1. Click the Print button on the preview window to change print settings and send the report to your printer
  2. Click the top drop down arrow in the Export panel to select the file format you would like to export to.

Setting / Clearing Default Account Numbers

You can set an account as Default which will allow you to batch process invoices from the default account.

Multiple accounts on the MC Specific Property Details can be set as Default at once. Any account that is not set as default will not be available for batch processing on the Assets screen.

  1. To Set the default for an account, click the Check Box icon to the right
  2. To Remove the default from an account, click the X icon to the right

General tab

The General page displays an overview of your property's current settings and any notes made about the property.

To access General Details, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. MC Details
  4. General

General Property Settings

The settings you see sectioned off below reflect settings determined elsewhere in the software, and will most likely never need changing on this screen.

This area of the software is a good place to check all of your property's default settings to ensure the property is set up correctly.

Tourist and Sales Tax Account Numbers

When setting up a new property, it is important that you include the properties tax account numbers here.

If you have a tax account that covers multiple properties, enter those tax account numbers instead.

Tourist and Sales Tax Account Numbers

Property Comments

The Property Comments panel on the right is a good place to enter and store any notes regarding the selected property.

Notes entered into this box is property specific and will not display on any distributable items such as emails to owners or reports.