Name & Location

After creating a new property in your CiiRUS account there are still many more details about the property that can be entered.

This article will explain the Property Name / Location screen and how to update your property's location details.


To edit property name and location details go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Select Name & Location

The information you see in front of you relates the property currently selected in the Drop Down Property Chooser.

This information will be used by the CiiRUS Property Manager software to populate various parts of your website, email templates, and reports.

Property Name / Community Affiliation

Here you can edit your property's name and enter the Community or Resort relating to the property

Property Name / Community Affiliation

Property Address / Telephone

Here you can enter the property's street address and telephone number

The accuracy of this information is very important as it will populate certain confirmation emails that are sent to guests

Property Address / Telephone

GPS Coordinates

The GPS Coordinates are used to display the property map on your property description web pages

If you know the GPS Coordinates for your property you can enter them in manually, or if you already entered the property address you can click the Auto button and the software will look up and insert the coordinates automatically

GPS Coordinates

Property Category Settings

Here you can change settings that help CiiRUS categorize your property. The list of settings are summarized below:

1.   Type -- This allows you to label the property as a specific type for your reference. The option selected here may also affect custom search facilities added to your website

2.   Commercial -- This check box determines whether the property is a registered commercial property

3.   Furnished -- The check box indicates that your selected property is fully furnished. This option should be checked for nearly all short term rental properties

4.   Long Term? -- Select this option if this property is available for long term bookings (i.e. booked for month long periods), and will affect your online booking and search facilities. If checked, you will be given the option to select a monthly rental rate (see below)

Long Term Property

With the Long Term? check box enabled a box will appear where you can enter the monthly rate for this property.

Enabling this check box may also hide the property from your website or prevent the property from being booked only.

Property Location / Search Settings

The options selected here will determine how the property is organized by your websites search facility.

Your website may have an option to search by location, state, community, etc. If a potential guest selects Bella Vida from the community search facility, then the below property (as well as any other Bella Vida properties) will show in the property search page.

If a property is in a location that is not currently listed in this feature, you can edit and add locations by going to Website & Marketing > General Settings > Advanced Settings and selecting the Location Editor tab.