Manage Owners

From the Manage Owners screen you can edit your owner's contact information and account settings.


Below is your Manage Owners screen. To access this screen go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Manage Owners

Owners Table

  1. In the Manage Owners screen you will find a table listing all of your current homes and their CiiRUS Username. You can also see the total number of owners at the top.
  2. You can use the Search filter to help find specific owners and sort owners.   For more information on how to manipulate CiiRUS tables click here.

View / Update Owner Details

To edit or update the owner details:

  1. Click on the View / Update button  to the right of the selected Owner
  2. You will find a series of collapsible panels where you can enter the selected owners personal information as well as adjust settings for the owner's account

Contact Details

  1. In the  Contact Details panel you can add the owners name, mailing address, and contact information. You can even include the owners website domain and name that the owner's check should me made to (Note: this field is important if you used the CiiRUS check printing feature to pay your owners).

It is recommended that you fill out as much information about each owner as possible as the CiiRUS software will reference this data when issuing statements and emails.  

2.   Once complete, press Update

Owner Portal Settings

The Owner Portal Settings panel determines the features that the owner has available when they sign in to their Owner Portal Account. The selectable options are summarized below:

 1.   Username -- Here you can enter the owner's account username. It is recommended that you enter the username as First Name and Last Name with no spaces. For example: For the owner John Lester, enter JohnLester as the user name. If the user name is already being used on the network try adding a number after the name. For example: JohnLester22

2.   Reset Password -- Clicking this button will open another window where you can set the selected owner's password. It's always good practice to keep a copy of the passwords you assign to your owners.

3.   Lock User -- When the Lock User check box is enabled, the selected homeowner cannot access the owner edition, even if the homeowner has the correct user name and password. If your owner ever has trouble logging in, first verify that this option is disabled.

4. Property details read-only?-- When this check box is enabled the owner cannot make any edits to the property details. It becomes Read only. "

5. Allow Add Booking -- this will allow the owner to create their own bookings. Once the booking is created, the owner and Property Manager will have full access to the booking.

6.   Enable Website & Marketing -- When this check box is enabled the owner can create and update the owner's personal website. Ciirus provides fully customizable website for every homeowner. We make the websites available to the property manager and      the property manager will decide to make the website available to the owner or to retain the website.

7.   Enable Reservations -- When this check box is enabled, the owner can view the availability calendar, view management company bookings (restricted data access), and add/edit owner bookings

8.   Enable Owners & Homes -- When this check box is enabled the owner can add work orders, view and update inventory, view print and export monthly and annual owner statements.

9.   Enable Quotes Manager Menu -- When this check box is enabled, the owner can create a rate set to use for the personal web site, update the information that determine pricing and create quotes.


Other Portal Settings

In the Other Portal Settings panel you can edit the selected owner's tax and accounting settings.

1.   Tax Ref / SSN -- Here you can enter the owner's tax reference ID or Social Security Number. The reference number entered in this field will be used by the CiiRUS software to populate certain tax and accounting reports.

2.   Owner Account Currency -- The option selected from this drop down list will determine the currency the owner will see on  the owner statement and recalculate the financial figures accordingly.

3.   Check payable to:  Enter the name you would like to appear on the check to the owner 

4.   Allow owner to see owner amount against bookings? -- This setting will determine if the owner will see the amount owed to the homeowner for any reservations made by the management company. When set to Default, it will use the global setting set in Booking Settings under the Bookings tab click here to read more). When set to Allow the amount will be displayed. When set to Don't Allow the amount will not be displayed.

5.   ACH Settings: In order for the system to generate the ACH file to the owner, enter the owner's US Bank Account details. Enter the Name of Bank, Account Number, and Routing Number, then Press Save


General Notes

The General Notes panel features an open text box where you can enter and save notes about a particular owner.

These notes will only be available from your account; owners will not see the text written in this panel.

General Notes

Owner Properties

Under this dropdown menu you will see lists of all the homes belonging to the select owner.

Here you will be able to see the  Property ID , Property Name and the Property's Address as well as create and modify setting for Property Ownership, Power of Attorney and Managment Contracts

  1. Property Ownership: This will display the owner of the property and the percentage that they own. These settings can be modified
  2. Power of Attorney:  Power of Attorney, is the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters
  3. Management Contract: Create and edit contracts between Managment Companies and Home Owners



Property Ownership

This will display the owner of the property and the percentage that they own. Two or more owners may own a percentage of the property. To add a new owner and assign the percentage,

  1. Select the Property Ownership icon
  2. Click on the 'Plus' icon  
  3. Specify the Owner and the Percentage that they own
  4. Click Save

Power of Attorney

If you have created a Power of Attorney eCiiGN Document under Newsletters & Templates

  1. Click the Power of Attorney icon
  2. Click New
  3. Specify the template to send to the owner.
  4. Once the document has been sent,  it will store here and show the Date Document was Issued, the Subject, Email Signers, once it has been signed, and the date that it was signed. Click View PDF to see the document

Send Welcome Email

To send an owner a Welcome Email, first select the owner you would like to email then click on the Send Welcome Email button.

This will send an email to the selected owner with details of their username,password, and the links necessary for the owner to download and use the CiiRUS Property Manager software.

Note: This email is generated from a standardized template that cannot be modified.

Remove Owner

  1. If you have an owner that you are no longer managing properties for, you can remove the owner from your account by clicking on the Remove Owner button.
  2. After clicking the button a window will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Read this window carefully as it will inform you of how your account will be affected.
  3. Click Yes on this window to confirm removal of the selected owner.