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VRBO Import Tool - Property Data Source

When adding a new property into CiiRUS that is already listed on Vrbo, time can be saved by importing the Vrbo listing link which can populate the property in CiiRUS with all of the data.

Please note, using this tool will override any existing property information that has already been entered in CiiRUS. Therefore, it is recommended to use this tool for new properties only and not existing ones.


After creating the new property, the first step in the Property Assistant is the "Property Data Source" screen.

Here, enter the public Vrbo URL link for the property to copy the details from.

Select "Load Preview" to see the basic details and ensure that it is the correct property:

Next, click "Confirm & Copy."

A Warning Window will appear. Please read this information and check the box to agree to import and copy the property into CiiRUS. Click "Import."

A confirmation box will appear if the property was successfully imported:

To ensure that everything has copied over correctly, please click the "Next" button on every screen of the Property Assistant until the last page, "Rate Sets" is reached. Closing out of the Property Assistant before clicking "Next" on each page, may cause data loss.

The following information will be imported from Vrbo and copied to the new property:

  • Property Name
  • Location Information
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms and sleeps
  • HomeAway Features
  • Headline, Property Title, Bullet Points
  • Images
  • Rates

Please continue to read the rest of the Property Assistant Manual to learn how to configure any missing data in the Assistant to finish setting up the new property.