A description set is assigned to each property in the CiiRUS system and will appear on the property details page of the website.

Multiple description sets can be created and assigned to the various channels and the website. For instance, if the Property Manager has two CiiRUS websites - one in English and one in Spanish using the SuperSite Facility, two description sets can be created and assigned to each website.

This also applies to the Channels such as Airbnb or VRBO. For example, if different information is required for Airbnb, a description set could be created specifically for Airbnb and assigned within the Channel Manager.

How to Create a Description Set

The easiest way to add a description against the property, is using the Property Assistant.

Within the Property Assistant, navigate to the "Title/Bullet Points" page and enter the description in the "Plain Text Description" field.

This will become the default description set assigned to the website and to the channels.

For more details, please click here to see the documentation on the Property Assistant.

Now, let's say a second description needs be created in Spanish to assign to the Spanish SuperSite.

To create a second description set, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Web Details
  4. Descriptions

Adding a New Description Set

To create a new description set, select the applicable property from the Property Chooser and then click on the "Plus" icon.

In the pop-up window,

  1. Enter the description set name ('ABC Drive Spanish Set', for example)
  2. To use this description for the main website, click "Use this set for your website?" Please note, this setting does not apply if this description set is to be assigned to the SuperSite or Channel. Multiple description sets can be saved to a single property, but only one will display on the website. The other description sets can be used for agents and channels.
  3. Expand the Website Content and SEO panels and fill out the other desired fields (Not required)
  4. Please disregard the "Embed Code" as this is for CiiRUS Developers only
  5. Click the "Add" button

Please note: the only field that is required when creating a new set is the Set Name. All other fields can be added or edited later using the Title / Bullet Points button and are not required.

To add the property description, click on "Plain Text Description" and enter the description in the window and click "Save."

Duplicate for Agent

For SuperSite Agents, such as a tour operator or booking agent, a duplicate of the default description set can be created with different information that pertains to the agent.

For example, if the website Description Set features the Property Manager's phone number, the agent may wish to display the agencies phone number instead for the agent website.

CiiRUS makes it easy to duplicate a description set to use for an agent. To do so, first select the Description Set to duplicate, then click the Duplicate for agent button on the right.

When the confirmation panel appears click OK, and a copy of the select Description Set will be created and labeled as Agent Description Set.

How to Assign a Description Set to a Channel or SuperSite

Within the Channel Manager or SuperSite screen, against each property, a description set can be assigned.

For example, for a Spanish SuperSite, select the Spanish description set for the property: