Down Payment

The following will show how to set the down-payment amounts and the length before arrival the balance for booking will be due.

Down-Payment (Balance Due)

In the Balance Payment section, select the number of weeks prior to arrival that the balance for a booking would be due.

When the value is set to 0, the entire balance will be due at the time that the reservation is made.

Down-payment Amount

When selecting how you would like to charge for the down payment, four options are available:

1. Fixed down-payment per booking > Enter the amount to charge as a down-payment as one fixed rate.

2. Specific Amount Per Week/Part of Week > Select how much to charge as a down-payment per week booked; for example, if  $100 ia entered and the property was booked for four weeks, then the down-payment would be charged at $400).

3. Percentage of Quoted Price > Select a percentage you would like to charge for the entire booking; for example, if the reservation is for $1000 and you chose a 20% deposit, the down-payment would be $200

4. The First Night's Rent > Will divide the days of the entire booking equally and charge the first night's rent as a down-payment

Once complete, check the "Click if you have completed this page" box to store the settings and click the Next button to continue to the next page, or use the dropdown menu to select another feature.