Owner Accounting

System Users may or may not provide individual owner statements. If monthly statements are provided, enable the owner accounting module for each applicable property.

  1. Once Enabled, specify the owner account settings
  2. Using the drop down menu, specify the correct Tax Location for the system to calculate and apply taxes to bookings
  3. Management Companies may or may not file booking taxes on behalf of property owners. If you submit taxes on behalf of this owner, check this box
  4. A vacation rental may or may not have Tax and License identification numbers, if they do, enter the identification numbers
  5. Enter a Housekeeping Fee that may apply to the owner’s statement
  6. To Override default MC Commission %, enter a commission for system to auto apply to all reservations placed in this room
  7. Minimum owner account balace?
  8. If Owner Booking Fees apply, check this box. An owner booking fee can be charged to the owner if the owner has placed a reservation for the Management Company to service
  9. Overrids default booking fee amount?
  10. Under Owner Settings, enter the owners Tax ID
  11. The system can process eChecks for rental proceeds due to the owner. If applicable, enter who the echeck is payment to as well as the owners bank account details
  12. ACH Settings?
  13. Payment Method?
  14. Once complete, check the "Click if you have completed this page" box to store the settings and click the Next button to continue to the next page, or use the dropdown menu to select another feature.