Create New Property / Owner

The Add New Property Assistant provides a simple way to guide users through configuring new owners and properties.

Accessing the Property Assistant

To access the Property Assistant, go to

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Assistant

Adding a New Property

To Add a New Property:

  1. Select the Owner from the dropdown menu
  2. click on the Add New Property Button and fill in the Owner Details form

Copy Selected Property

In this example, a new property will be added, using an existing owners attributes. These settings can be later modified  from the Property Assistant

To to so:

  1. Click oin the Copy Selected Property Button
  2. Select an Owner from the Dropdown chooser
  3. Enter a New Name for this Property
  4. Press Save

Create New Owner

Before a property or home can be added to the system, an owner must first be created

To create a New Owner: