Add / Delete

You can enter a new work order or remove a current one using the buttons in the Add / Delete box.

Add a New Work Order

To add a new work order or schedule maintenance for a property, first select the desired property from the Property drop down list, then click the Add New button

New Work Order Screen

  1. Select the type of property from the drop down menu
  2. When the Add Work Order screen appears, set the date that the work order is to be completed, or if this is for work to be completed over time, such a construction, set a start and end date.
  3. Enter in a subject that briefly describes the type of work that requires completion.
  4. Include and details or comments about the work such as a list of tasks that need to be completed or a note to maintenance staff.
  5. Select the Owner Account Category
  6. Select the cleaner, or cleaning company
  7. Check the Visible To Owner? Tick box if you would like the owner of the property to see the work that is being performed.
  8. Finally, click Add to finish adding the work order to the property.

Removing a Current Work Order

To remove a work order currently in the system, click the Delete button to the left of the selected work order

Click Yes on the pop-up window to finish removing the work order.