CRM: Airbnb Emails

CRM Airbnb Email Overview

The CRM allows the Property Manager to automate emails directly to Airbnb bookings. Unlike some of the other booking platforms, Airbnb is the merchant of record and does not provide the Property Manager with the guest's direct email, rather an encrypted email. In the past, this meant that the Property Manager would have to email the guest manually from the booking in CiiRUS or by logging into the Airbnb portal. Now, using the CiiRUS CRM, emails can automatically be triggered and delivered directly to the guest in the Airbnb portal. This automation saves the Property Manager's time as confirmation and arrival details can be emailed and stored directly in the Airbnb thread - no more manual emails!

How to Configure an Airbnb Email

To configure a new email template specifically for Airbnb, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM - Manage People
  3. Newsletters & Templates
  1. Add a new template
  2. Apply the "CRM Template" category
  3. Press Save

Enter the content of the email with the applicable tokens. Reminder, Airbnb will not support images, company information, or links to the Property Manager's website. Also, no HTML is supported, meaning no MailChimp or other HTML based templates. Please stick to plain text only - no enhancements to the text, no additional fonts, designs or colors. The tokens are supported, as seen in the example below.

Once the template has been created, the rules can be applied by going to

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  -Manage People
  3. Email & Rules

Please follow the same steps on how to configure the rules for a CRM Email or SMS Mailer, outlined in the CRM Documentation by clicking here.

  1. When creating the rule, set the “Delivery Type” to either “Airbnb Mesaging Only”, “Airbnb Messaging & SMS.”
  2. The “Mailer Type” must be set to “Reservation / Quote” and “Transactional”.

As a reminder, Airbnb will only support "Transactional" based emails. No marketing emails will be supported. The emails will only apply to active Airbnb reservations. Be sure to enable the mailer once ready for it to start sending to Airbnb bookings.

Reminder, that this template is NOT sent to the guest direct email, rather the thread or messaging through Airbnb's portal.

The thread can be viewed by logging into Airbnb's portal.