Email & SMS Rules

Through the CRM Module, automated emails and texts can be sent to the Guest, Property Manager, Owner, or a specific email address, based on the trigger-rules applied.

The Rules are used to create and send personalized automated emails and text messages, marketing mailing campaigns, and to track email history and stats.

Using the CRM, emails, SMS messages, and auto Airbnb emails can be triggered.

It is recommended to create the following six mailers to be sent to the guest throughout the booking process:

  • Thank You for Quoting
  • Guest Booking Confirmation
  • Guest Portal Information
  • Payment Reminder
  • Arrival Instructions
  • Thank You for Staying with Us

In addition to the above six mailers that can be sent throughout the booking process, there are endless ways to use the CRM to communicate with guests and within your organization. Some other examples of CRM Mailers include:

  • Happy Anniversary or Birthday email to past or future guests
  • Market a Cart Extra such as Insurance or equipment rentals
  • Post-Departure Surveys or Reviews
  • Owner Booking Notifications
  • Canceled Booking Notifications to Property Manager or Guest
  • Notification to Reservation Team to deliver a “Welcome Pack” that the guest purchased online

How to Configure a CRM Email Mailer

Before configuring the CRM rules, create the CRM email template by going to

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  Manage People
  3. Newsletters & Templates.
  1. Ensure that the category “CRM” has been applied to the email template

Once the email template has been created, the rules can be applied by going to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  Manage People
  3. Email & Rules

Please follow these steps to add a new email mailer:

  1. Click the “Plus” icon
  2. Type the mailer name under the “Mailer” column; for example, “Guest Booking Confirmation”
  3. Click the “Save” icon and then click the “Edit” icon to open the configuration window  

Configure Mailer Tab

  1. Mailer Name internal name of the mailer. Should correspond to the name of the email
  2. Reply to Email  the email address to receive any responses to the email
  3. Template specify the corresponding CRM Email template. (Click “Edit” to view or update the template)
  4. Person Category  specify a category if applicable to send to certain contacts within the CRM. People can be categorized in Management Company > CRM  Manage People.
  5. Re-Process Period  how often the mailer will run. Anything throughout the booking process, must be set to “continuous” so the system scans all new reservations and can send the email.
  6. Delivery Type  Set to “Email Only” for an email template

Mailer Tab

  1. Mailer Type - Specify if the email applies to a reservation or quote (for example, if it is a confirmation or arrival info), or to a Contact Only (for example, if it is a “Happy Birthday” to a past guest) and if it is a marketing email or transactional (anything throughout the booking process, should be set to transactional)
  2. Apply to-  Specify if the email applies to just reservations or quotes
  3. Send email to - Specify to send the email to the Guest, Property Manager, Owner, or a specific email address
  4. Send - Specify when the email should send. It can send X number of days before, after, or on various options
  5. Only Send When - Specify to only send this email between a certain date range
  6. Paid Status - Choose to send to all bookings regardless of if the guest has paid, only if they have paid in full, or only if there is an outstanding balance
  7. Choose to send the email to all type of booking categories, cart extras booked, and properties. If not, de-select to apply to all and specify the relevant booking categories and properties
  8. eCiiGN Restrictions - This can be used to prevent a mailer from sending if the selected eCiiGN Document has not been signed. Click "eCiiGN Restrictions" and specify the template(s) that must be signed in order for the mailer to send. Enter the number of days to expire this mailer, if the agreement is not signed.
  9. Choose to send the email to all property types, terms, and if the booking includes pool heating.

Location Filter Tab:

  1. Specify to send the email only to guests in a certain location or not by location (therefore, applies to all guests)
  2. If sending by location, specify to filter by origin or destination and configure the location type

Stats Tab

Click on the “Stats” tab to see how many emails have been sent and the percentage of those that were read. For further tracking, login to the SMTP Server or Mandrill.

Once the mailer is created, be sure to click “Mailer enabled” within the “Configure Mailer” tab so the system knows to start scanning new reservations and can send the automated email based on the rules applied. Again, make sure to click save.

Keep in mind, the automated emails can only send if the outbound email settings have been configured. Please refer to the following documentation for more information:  

Against the mailer, see the last date and time the system processed the mailer within the “Last Processed” column.

How to Configure a CRM SMS Mailer

In addition to automating emails to the guests, the CRM also allows the Property Manager to automate SMS text messages to the guest or a specific phone number.

A first contact message will be sent to the recipient when the number being messaged has not been contacted by the system in the past 365 days. If the recipient has been contacted within this time, the first contact message will not send again.

To define the “SMS First Guest Contact” template, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  Manage People
  3. Newsletters & Templates
  1. Add a new template
  2. Apply the “SMS First Guest Contact” category
  3. Press Save

Currently, the following tokens are supported for the SMS Template:










  1. Ensure that the “SMS First Guest Contact” has been applied to the template
  2. To add the content to the template, click on the “three-dot” icon
  3. Select “Edit Short Text Template”
  4. The designer will open to add the text to the template. Please keep in mind, the SMS Template only supports 160 characters and no HTML Code is permitted

Additional SMS Templates can be configured, using the CRM Category. To add additional templates, follow the steps above, but use the “CRM” as the category.

Once the SMS template has been created, the rules can be applied by going to

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  Manage People
  3. Email & Rules


Please follow the same steps on how to configure the rules for a CRM Email Mailer, above.

  1. When creating the rule, set the “Delivery Type” to either “SMS Only”, “Email & SMS” or “Airbnb Messaging & SMS”.
  2. To send the SMS Template to the Cell Phone number against the guest contact leave the field for “Send SMS to specific number” blank. Or enter a specific phone number for the SMS Template to be sent to instead of the guest. Be sure not to include any special characters in the phone number.
  3. The “Mailer Type” must be set to “Reservation / Quote” and “Transactional”.

A default text will be sent to the guest on first contact from the system or if the guest has not been contacted for 365 days. If the guest has been contacted within 365 days, they will not receive the message again.

In addition, a text will be sent to the guest upon first contact, allowing them to opt out of receiving texts / SMS messages as follows:

” Text STOP to block further status updates of your reservation. Msg&data rates may apply.”

Please keep in mind, this is an outbound texting system, meaning the guest is unable to respond to the text. We recommend including the Property Manager’s contact information within the initial SMS Message, so the guest knows who to contact. In Phase 2 of the feature to be released at a later time, we will include the capability of recording and showing the outbound texts against the booking.

In order to use the SMS feature, please reach out to our Service & Support Team to enable it on your account. Our team will provide a pricing guide that states the standard SMS messaging fee for each supported country.

CRM Airbnb Email Overview

The CRM allows the Property Manager to automate emails directly to Airbnb bookings. Unlike some of the other booking platforms, Airbnb is the merchant of record and does not provide the Property Manager with the guest's direct email, rather an encrypted email. In the past, this meant that the Property Manager would have to email the guest manually from the booking in CiiRUS or by logging into the Airbnb portal. Now, using the CiiRUS CRM, emails can automatically be triggered and delivered directly to the guest in the Airbnb portal. This automation saves the Property Manager's time as confirmation and arrival details can be emailed and stored directly in the Airbnb thread - no more manual emails!