Airbnb Reviews

The Airbnb Reviews module allows the Property Manager to leave a review for the guest and respond to guest reviews. There is no need to login to the Airbnb portal, as reviews can be left and responded to directly in the CiiRUS system.

To access Airbnb Reviews, click:

  1. Management Company
  2. select Management Company (from the sub-menu)
  3. Airbnb Reviews

Filtering the Table:

Filtering the Table:

The table displays all reviews, from pending to complete.

  1. First apply the date range by selecting the “From” and “To” date in the date-picker calendars.
  2. Using the status drop-down, specify “No Filter” to load all reviews, or select a status from the dropdown to show reviews in that status. Click on the orange “I” icon to see a description of each review status.
  3. To load reviews for only one specific property, choose the property from the drop-down chooser.
  4. To look-up a certain booking or listing, enter the Booking ID or the Listing ID.
  5. Click “Refresh” to load the results in the table


The Table

The table displays :

  • Status of each review
  • Property ID,
  • Name of the Guest
  • If it was a canceled booking
  • Booking ID,
  • Overall Rating
  • Reservation Confirmation Code
  • Date the host submitted the review
  • To specify how many inquiries are displayed in each page of the table, select the desired number below the table

Status Types:

Each review is color coded by the status of the review.

1.   New Review: when the reservation is complete and it’s time for the host to review the guest

2.   Pending Host Review: when the guest has left a review, but it cannot be published yet as the host has not submitted a review

3.   Review Completed: when the review gets published after both the guest and host have submitted a review. Reviews are published right after both reviews are submitted or if only one review was submitted after the review window elapses

4.   Pending Guest Review: when the host has left a review, but it cannot be published yet as the guest has not submitted a review

5.   Review Expired: when the time window leave a review has elapsed, and the user has not yet submitted a review

Please note that the review window elapses after two weeks

How to Submit a New Guest Review:

  1. The first icon is to open the Total Booking Summary to view more information about the booking  
  2. The second icon is to view all messages / all reviews that have been submitted by either the guest or the Property Manager  
  3. The third icon is to submit a review for the guest. This will only appear on guests where a review has not yet been submitted.  



1.   Click on the Thumbs Up icon to start the review

2.   Fill out the Public Review field

3.   Fill out the Private Feedback if applicable (this will send in an email to the guest and is only visible by them)

4.   Check “Would you recommend this guest”

5.   Apply the star ratings

6.   Click “Save” and then “Yes” to confirm. The status will update to Pending Guest Review

How to Respond to a Guest Review

1.   If the status is “Review Completed” (Light Green) this means the guest has submitted a review that the Property Manager can respond to.

2.   Click on the icon to open the review with the guest response

3.   Fill out the Host Response field and

4.   Click “Save” to submit and then “Yes” to confirm.