Terms and Conditions

The following shows how to create and set the Terms and Conditions for your properties.

To access the Terms and Conditions page, click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Quoting
  3. Quote Settings
  4. Allow Quotes & Online Bookings

Enabling & Selecting Terms and Conditions

Firstly, we must enable the booking feature to activate real-time reservations; to do so:

  1. In the Allow Quotes / Online Bookings tab under Settings and Terms
  2. Tick the Allow quotes within Ciirus Property Manager box.
  3. Using the Dropdown Menu, select your previously stored Terms and Conditions from the list.

Creating and Editing Terms and Conditions

To Create Terms and Conditions

  1. Click the Add / Edit Terms Button under Settings and Terms
  2. Click the Add button and enter a name
  3. Enter the text into the Area Highlighted in Red, as you would in any word-processing application such as word etc...
  4. Press Save

To Edit Terms and Conditions, use the same procedure as above, but instaed of adding a new document, select the document from the list, edit the text and press Save.

Plain Text Settings

These settings are used by some channel partners (such as HomeAway) and MUST be plain TEXT only. No HTML tags.

Applying Terms and Conditions

Once you have created the Terms and Conditions, follow the steps below:

  1. Under the Allow Quotes & Online Booing screen, select a property from the dropdown chooser
  2. Under Allow Quotes & Online Bookings > Settings and Terms Use the Dropdown Chooser, to Select the Terms and Conditions you would like to set for this particular property.
  3. Press Save on the bottom right of the screen