Currency / Tax

The following will show how to set the default Currency / Tax Settings for a selected property.

To access Currency / Tax Settings, click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Quoting
  3. Quote Settings
  4. Currency / Tax

How to select the Currency for the selected property:

  1. Select a property from the dropdown chooser
  2. Under the dropdown list, Select a Currency from the list, or use the Search feilds to find a Currency. If your currency is not listed, please contact CiiRUS with the Name, Code and Symbol and we will add the currency for you.

Taxable Settings

  1. Taxable Settings > Defines the taxes that apply for a region to Rentals, Cleaning, Booking Fee, and Pool Heating. Generally, this would be applied for the selected property only. However, the tax settings can also be applied to all properties.

Setting Tax Regions

Under the Local Tax Settings:

  1. Press the Add button to
  2. Add the tax region and values that apply to the selected property
  3. Press Save

Taxable Items

Taxable Settings

  1. Select the taxes to be applied.
  2. Set the selections in the Taxable settings box to all of your properties, not just the property you are currently viewing. If you chose to apply these selections to all of your properties, press the "Make Defualt For All Properties" button.
  3. A Green Box will appear to indicate that "The taxable settings have been applies to all properties."
  4. Pressing Save will save the Quote Currency and Tax Settings for the selected property