Bookings Schedule Overview

Displays a graphical grid view of all the reservations for the selected date range and bedrooms. Bookings can be dragged and dropped to other available properties to maximize occupancy.

Each booking is color coded by category.

To access the Bookings Schedule screen, click:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations
  3. Bookings Schedule

Select Properties Screen

  1. Through the Search Filter, you can narrow down the results by property name, number of beds etc.
  2. From, the Property List, all of your Properties are displayed here
  3. Selects a Property, or Properties from the list to be loaded in to the Booking Schedule. If no properies are checked, All properties will be loaded
  4. The Color / View Settings allows you to customize the look of the Bookings Schedule's view. You can use different colors for Owner Bookings and Management Bookings and select how many booking to view per page
  5. Press the Load Booking Scedule button to load and update the Booking Schedule

Bookings Schedule Screen

  1. The selected booking can be dragged and dropped to another available property. Single-clicking on the booking will display options to open the Total Booking Summary > Copy a Booking or Move a Booking for the selected property.
  2. Select the Month to view
  3. Press this icon to Print the Booking Schedule view