Check-in / Check out Information

Guests can access information about the stay from any mobile device with a web browser by signing into the Guest Portal.

Guest Portal user name and password are generated by the system when a booking is made.

Guest Portal user information can be emailed to the guest by:

  • Including the tags (for guest portal link, username, password) in the default booking confirmation email
  • Create a new template just for sending the Guest Portal user details, the email can be sent by specific rules are set in the CRM. For Example - To create a rule that sends user details one day after the booking has been made.

The tags used for sending user details (link to portal, username and password) are available when the email is Created/Edited from the Newsletters and Templates screen. If the tags have not been added to an active template the guest cannot access the guest portal.

Sensitive information such as: Lock box code, Wireless Internet Password, Gate codes can be released at separate times (for example, day of checkin/ checkout). The guest portal will display all other features (booking details, address, payment links and payment information, location information, information about the home and contact information.

The checkbox to send Sensitive information can be accessed in list mode (useful when enabling a batch) from the Booking List screen

Or the Sensitive information can be enabled from the Total Booking Summary Screen (see below)

For Client side Guest Portal information click here

Check-In / Out Screen

Check - (Allow guests to see details in guest portal) to allow Sensitive information to be displayed. When this feature is disabled,  the guest cannot view lockbox codes, wifi passwords, alarm and gate codes

Arrival Instructions

The Arrival Instructions are displayed and can be copied and sent