Edit Tax Settings

The Edit Tax Settings field under the Booking Actions Button opens the Tax Settings panel, taxes can added only when certain criteria is met. For example in your country or state The rental amount might be subject to a tax and clean fee, booking fee and Pool Heat are not subject to tax. This feature will override the default settings (when the home and taxes were setup).

Note: Taxes are just labels in Ciirus. Each home can have up to 3 tax labels. In some countries like the UK only one tax exists (VAT), Polk County in Florida has two taxes (Sales and Tourist tax).

The Booking Actions button can be accessed from within the Total Booking Summary screen. To find out how to Access the Total Booking Summary screen, click here

Tax Settings Screen

Turn On/Off taxes to update taxes for the selected reservation. This will not affect any other reservation, other reservations will use the default tax settings.