Total Booking Summary Overview

The Total Booking Summary, or (TBS) is used to , edit and view bookings for the selected home.

Below is a list for your reference.

Total Booking Summary - Rates Panel

The Rates panel displays the following:

  • View / Edit the Commissions structure
  • Display Totals
  • Update Taxes
  • Update and view Supersite agent rates

Total Booking Summary - Extras Panel

The Extras panel displays the following:

  • Add Extras for the selected booking
  • Delete Extras for the selected booking
  • Edit  Extras for the selected booking

Total Booking Summary - Payments Panel

  • Add/Edit any payments made against the booking by card, check or cash
  • Links to the online payment page
  • Take card payment
  • Add a new Card / Payment method
  • Balance due Settings: The system will auto send payment reminder emails when it finds the outstanding amount has not been paid by the balance due date. Email frequency and template can be edited.
  • Take security Deposits
  • Send Email Conformation

Total Booking Summary - Check-in/out Information Panel

  • Copy Arrival Information
  • Allow guests to view Arrival information, lock box codes, gate codes and wifi passwords when they are using the Guest Portal
  • Check-in, check-out override


Total Booking Summary - House Keeping

  • The House Keeping  table allows you to organize and sort your scheduled  cleans. You can also search for a specific clean or filter cleans by a  given category.

Total Booking Summary - Guests

  • In some States or Countries the Guest names and child ages are required. When a guest books online the guest and child ages are entered by the guest and displayed in the Guests panel.

Total Booking Summary - General

  • General Booking information
  • Make a booking tentative
  • Booking category

Total Booking Summary - Manage Booking

The  Manage Bookings Panel is used to edit and view bookings for the  selected home.

Total Booking Summary - Comments Panel

  • Add Private comments
  • Add General comments

Total Booking Summary - Scratch Pad

  • Use the area below to enter free-format notes in relation to this reservation. These notes only appear here, and are visible and editable by MC and Agent if applicable

Total Booking Summary - Flags

Booking Flags can be assigned to a reservation to indicate it may have a special requirement. For example: You could create a booking flag named ‘VIP Guest’ to indicate that a reservation has a VIP guest coming to stay, or if a guest has requested an early check-in or late check-out. Booking Flags are a good way to deal with upcoming alerts. Reports can also be created for Bookings Flags.

Booking Actions Button

Since July 2017 you will notice a few updates within the Total Booking Summary. We have reconfigured the layout to reduce repetitive keystrokes and clicks.  

Most of the layout has remained the same aside from a few functions that have relocated and can be found under the Booking Actions Menu.

Currently, there are 11 active tabs within the Total Booking Summary and 5 Actions under the Booing Actions dropdown menu

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