Tax Reports General Overview & Processing

Up to three tax rates can be set for any one account.

The Taxes screen displays a report of taxes collected for each booking. The tax rate for each home is set is set in the Quotes Manager screen.

To Access the Tax Reports / Processing screen, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Tax Reports / Processing

Taxes Overview

  1. Date Range - Select the date range to display. You can select Current Month > Previous Month > Last 3 Months from the dropdown menu
  2. Show only bookings where payment has been received from tour operator - this will display bookings that have been checked in the Bookings List screen and marked as paid
  3. Show MC bookings only - will display management company bookings only
  4. Print - exports to printer, email, save as file or export to various file formats
Taxes Overview

Processing Taxes to Owner Accounts

Taxes can be sent to the owner account one at a time or all items can be sent to the owner accounts.