Overview Working with Assets

The Assets screen is a place to store documents and warranties. The asset information can be added to the database and documents (receipts and warranties) can be scanned and uploaded.

Example: The property manager purchases a freezer from a store, scans the receipt or warranty to the account. The warranty scan can be viewed from any location. Scans can also be sent via email.

To Access the Assets screen, go to:

  1. Account Functions
  2. Assets
  1. To add an Item, click on the Add button
  2. To delete an item click on the Bin icon

How to Add a Scanned Document

  1. Click on the Paper Clip icon beside the asset, to open the Upload / Receipt window
  2. Click Select File and locate the JPG or PDF image file from your computer
  3. Alternatively, Drag and Drop a JPG or PDF image file directly on to the window

View a scanned document

  1. Use the scroll bar to locate the Scan Column
  2. Select the Row containing the scanned document
  3. Click on the scanned document icon to view the document

Scan Document View

To send the link by email. Copy the URL from your browser and paste it into your email

Scan Document View