Add a Recurring Charge

 To Add a New Recurring Charge:

  1. Press the Add button
  2. Specify the Contact, the Owner Account category, Description, and the default amount. Keep in mind, if this is a charge to the owner, put the negative symbol before the amount 


Specify if the charge applies to all properties. If not, the applicable properties can be added by clicking the “house” icon.  

Process Charge Automatically

  1. To enable the system to process the charge automatically, click to “Process Automatically” and
  2. Specify the day of the month
  3. specify the months it should be applied to the Owner Account

View when the last transactions were processed

Specify the Applicable Properties to a Charge

1. After adding the charge and unselecting “Apply to all Properties” click on the “house” icon

2. Click the “plus” icon and select the property from the drop-down

3. The default amount entered against the charge will appear or it can be overridden

4. Click “Close”

Click the Trash icon to remove the charge