Take Owner Payments

Provided that the account is configured with an approved merchant processor, CiiRUS is able to store home owner payment details so that the manager can automatically collect any payment due, with details put on file under the Manage Owners screen.

To Access the Process Owner Payment screen, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Owner Accounts
  1. Click on the Pay button in the lower right hand corner of the Owner Account window.
  2. This will pop-up the Process Owner Payment Window.
  3. Enter an Amount to be paid,
  4. Enter the Payment Type, (Payment for Guest/ Security Deposit, or Payment from Owner.
  5. Enter a comment for the payment.
  6. Select one of the store payment methods from the owner.
  7. Check this box if you want to process the payment immediately, or leave unchecked if you want to create a pending payment to be processed at a later time. If the payment is processed immediately, and the payment is approved, a payment record from the owner will be automatically added to the owner statement currently in view. If the statement currently in view is closed or finalized, the payment will appear on the next open owner statement.
  8. Click Procces, to Process the Payment.