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Track changes made to a statement (SecureTrack Audit Trail)

SecureTrack records the history of any changes that have been made to the owners statement. The system tracks, the nature of the change, which user made the change and when each update was made. The changes can be viewed by pressing the Track button in the owner statement screen or to view all changes to all statements from the Change Tracking screen in Account Settings >Secure Track /  User / Change Tracking: Please see below.


Track Owner Statement

To track an owner statement, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Owner Accounts

In the Owner Accounts screen on the right, press the Tracking Icon

This will ope the Track window, where you can track Dates > Users > Propery > Description > Credit & Debit details

User and Change Tracking

To Access the User / Change Tracking screen, go to:

  1. Account Settings
  2. Secure Track
  3. User / change tracking
  1. Use this dropdown menu to view Bookings > House Keeping > Work Orders > Owner Accounts & Logon's
  2. The property dropdown lists all of the properties in an Account.
  3. This dropdown will list all Staff Members, or Groups that are active in an account.
  4. Use the From Date and To Date, to narrow down a search
  5. Use this dropdown menu to select the number of results that will be displayed. Select from 50 to 500
  6. The Show Inserts / Additions > Show Updates > and Show Deleted Check Boxes should be checked, if they are to be included in the search.
  7. The Load button will load all of the results based on the Criteria above