Owner Account Screen Overview

The owner account information can be viewed and edited from:

Accounting Functions > Owner Account

Most of the data for the owner statement is entered automatically by the system. The information is captured from reservations, cleans, maintenance, taxes, credit card charges, payments and more. The data can be manually updated by the user. Any changes made by any user are tracked, using the SecureTrack feature, which is an audit trail of any changes made by users and owners.

Owner Account Screen

  1. Set month and Year to view
  2. View/Edit monthly statement
  3. View in annual mode, by category payments year to date
  4. Press View to refresh the screen
  5. Print area. (Print Detailed or Summarize accounts
  6. Add a new transaction manually
  7. Email statements to homeowners
  8. Transactions area (click in a field to edit)
  9. Delete a transaction
  10. Track displays the history of updates that have been made to the owners statement
  11. Account status
  12. Link to the payment page for owner to make payments to the property manager
  13. Proccess Owner Payment Button