Recurring Charges Overview

The Recurring Charges feature allows you to quickly and easily post regularly scheduled expenses to the owner account statement.  

Examples of Recurring Charges would include monthly lawn care bills, pest control, pool services, management fees, or any other charge that is consistently billed on a month to month (or bi-annual, tri-annual, quarterly, etc.) basis.

Utility bills, though they are billed consistently from month to month, are not typically consistent with regards to the bill amount. These items would be better entered into the Bill Payments, or Bill Payments & Assets depending on which edition you are using.

To Access Reccuring Charges, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Recurring Charges

Adding a Contact

  1. Click on the Plus button to create a new line item

Recurring Charges Screen

  1. Select the contact
  2. Specify the Category
  3. Add a description of the charge that is visible to the owner. For example, Monthly Pool Cleaning Fee
  4. If the amount is the same for all properties, enter the default amount. If it is a charge to the owner, be sure to include a negative symbol before the amount.
  5. If the default amount is to be applied to all properties, check the All Properties checkbox.

6.   If the amount is different or does not apply to all properties, unselect the All Properties checkbox and then add the applicable properties in the panel to the right with the amounts.

7.   Set the day of the month that the charge should be applied to the owner statement. For example, if Day of Month = 1, then on the 1st of each month, the system will automatically process the charge to the owner account.

8.   If you would like the system to automatically process the charge to the owner account, click to process automatically

9.   To manually process the charge to the owner account, specify the month and the year at the top of the screen and click process selected charge

10.  To Remove a charge, click on the Trash Icon