Access Control

Through the SecureTrack module, users can be added and granted access to your CiiRUS Account. The system will track who is logging in and the activity performed at any given time. Permissions can be set per user, to limit their access when they login. For example, a reservationist may not need access to all of the accounting functions, therefore, these permissions can be disabled for the user.

Within Access Control, users can be added, permissions can be set, and the user details can be updated. This is also where the security code delivery method is specified - email, SMS, or Google Authenticator. Each user has the ability to choose their preference.

Adding a New User

To add a new SecureTrack user,

  1. Click the Create User button
  2. Enter the user's Full Name, Password, Email, Telephone and Mobile Number
  3. Select the Country where the Cell phone is registered
  4. Select whether to receive the verification code via email, SMS, or Google Authenticator
  5. Select whether the user is an administrator giving them full access to the account (if left unchecked, permissions can be set)
  6. Click Add to finish the new user setup
Adding a New User

Manage Users

The table displays all users that have been added. By default, an "Administrator" user exists which is primarily used by a CiiRUS staff member for training or support purposes. It is recommended to create a user for each staff member or anyone who will have access to your account, for tracking purposes.

The first column displays three icons:

  1. Click on the 3 dotted icon to see More Options
  2. Press the Key icon to change the Password for the user
  3. Press the NDA's icon to open the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) screen
  4. Press the PadLock icon to open the SecureTrack Permissions screen
  5. Press the Edit icon to enter the Edit mode, where the user details can be updated or the security code delivery method can be changed
  6. Press the Trash icon to delete the entry

Admin User

Any user that was added as an Administrator will have full administrator control over the account and can grant the permissions and access for other users. Individual Access Control settings will be grayed out.

If the box is un-ticked, permissions can be enabled on an individual basis. To update the admin setting, click the "Edit" icon to enable or disable admin.


If a user is locked, they will not be able to login to CiiRUS. A user can be locked, without having to delete the user.



Administrators can store the email addresses of their secure track users. To update the email address:

  1. Click on the Edit button
  2. Click into the Email field to update the address

Staff ID

The user’s system generated staff ID is now visible. This ID can be helpful when requesting support.

Staff ID


Administrators can store the phone number of their secure track users. Simply click into the field to update the number.


Renaming a User

To rename a user:

  1. Press the Edit button next to the user you wish to edit
  2. Enter the new name for this user
  3. Click Save

Changing a User's Password

  1. If a user forgets or does not know their staff password, you can change it by first selecting the desired user, then select the More Options icon and click the Change Password icon.
  2. Enter in a new password for this user and click Change to update that users new credentials.

Deleting a User

If there is a SecureTrack user login you no longer need you can delete it.

  1. First select the user you would like to remove and click the Delete icon
  2. When the pop up window appears asking you to confirm your selection, click Yes to complete removal of the user

Secure Track Permissions

Clicking the Lock Icon, will open the Secure Track Permissions screen. These settings determine which CiiRUS features and windows your staff have access to.

SecureTrack Permissions (Non Admin Users)

  1. To add Non Admin Users, do not apply this setting when creating a new user
  2. When a user is added as a non-admin, Top Menu panels will appear in the main Secure Track Users Panel. To Access this panel, click on More Option, then select the Lock icon to the left of the User's Name
  3. Expand each panel to specify permissions the selected user will have access to. For example, Reservations & Quoting, review which features the selected user will have access to.

General Settings

The General Settings access control tab determines your users access to:

  1. The online Web App (at
  2. The CiiRUS Apple iPhone App
  3. The Show Notifications control will determine whether the CiiRUS in-system pop-ups will appear for the selected user


Top Menu Access?

At the top of some of your access control settings you will see a tick box labeled as Top menu access?

Tick this box for each area of CiiRUS you would like the user to have access to.

If the box is un-ticked, the user will not have access to that particular area of CiiRUS.


The Dashboard access control tab allows you to select what dashboard views your user has access to.

Website & Marketing

The Website & Marketing access control tab determines the selected user's access to various website and marketing features.

Owners & Homes

The Owners & Homes access control tab determines the selected user's access to home and home owner management features.

Owners & Homes: Property Access

The Owners & Homes access control tab also controls which homes the selected user has access to.

If the Access to all properties tick box is checked, then the user will be able to see and edit all of the homes in your account.

If you would like a user to only have access to a select list of homes, deselect the previously mentioned tick box and click on the Home Icon button to the right.

A table will appear whereby checking the box to the left of each property, you can select to show this property to the user. Click the OK button to finalize your selection.

Management Company

The Management Company access control tab determines the selected user's access to management company features and tools.

The latest update, now offers additional functionality for the advanced work order module and the CRM (if enabled). This panel also offers more control over the default work order module, and restricts/enables the user to send work orders to the Owner Account, and restrict/enable the user to making work orders visible to the owner inside of the owner account.


Reports now has it's own access control panel. This allows the user to set report specific restrictions, as well as customize access to the “Standard Reports”, “Occupancy Reports”, “Custom Reporting”, and “Guest Contact Export” tabs from the Reports window.

Reservations & Quoting

The Reservations & Quoting access control tab determines the selected user's access to quote and booking settings, rate set editing, and channel management (SuperSites).

  1. Show MC Rates in TBS: This option displays your management company's rates in the Total Booking Summary of the user.
  2. Show Financials: This option allows/restricts the user’s ability to see the booking financial from the Booking List.
  3. Below is a brief explanation of some of the functions that may at first not be immediately obvious.
  • Allow Total Booking Summary? allows/denies access to the Total Booking Summary pop-up window.
  • Allow moving reservations? allows/denies the user the ability to move a booking. This refers to moving dates or properties.
  • Allow add owner booking? allows/denies the user the ability to add an owner booking.
  • Allow change category to / from owner booking? this refers to any type of owner booking such as owner staying, owner online booking, etc. Allows/denies the user from change the category in a way that would allow owner access to the booking if they did not have access before, and vice-versa.
  • Allow new AOA Booking overlap of B-O dates in BM?
    • AOA: Allocation on Arrival. This is our representative type of unit.
    • B-O dates: stands for Black-Out Dates
    • BM: stands for Bookings Manager.
    • To explain in more context, AOA units are a special type of unit that allow for over lapping bookings. This is because this unit represent a set list of real units, and this unit can except as many over lapping bookings as the number of real units will permit; very similar to Hotel style inventory. When a black-out booking is applied, this is a special booking category acts as a stop sale to prevent any further bookings for the time period elapsed by the black-out booking. What this setting does is if an admin user (or any user with the ability to add black-out dates) adds a black out, and this setting is disabled for, let’s say User-A, then User-A cannot add a booking that conflicts with the black-out dates.


Channel Manager

The Channel Manager access control tab determines the selected user's access to enable and edit the configuration for various channels and agents

Accounting Functions

The Accounting Functions access control tab determines the selected user's access to various accounting features and tax reporting.

Below, you will find a brief explanation for some of the functions in Accounting Functions Panel that may at first not be immediately obvious.

  1. Allow Voiding of Checks: You can choose to allow the user to void active checks.
  2. Allow view open months?  This setting controls the user’s ability to view open or un-finalized owner statements in the Owner Account window.
  3. Bill Payments: The Bill Payments module specific controls (pertain only to the new accounting Module Bill Payments Feature):
    • Allow ‘Mark as Paid:  Controls the user’s ability to mark bills as ‘Paid’.
    • Allow check printing:  Controls the user’s ability to print checks from CiiRUS.
    • Allow send to owner account:  Controls the user’s ability to send bills to an owner account.
    • Allow check edit after marked as paid  controls the user’s ability to edit bills that have been marked as paid.
  4. Allow Process Owner Booking Fees: Controls the user’s access to the Process Owner Booking Fee screen in Accounting Functions.


Account Settings

The Account Settings access control tab determines the selected user's access to you CiiRUS account settings, including SecureTrack's User / Change Tracking feature.