General Reservation Settings

Configure the global reservation settings to apply to all bookings in the system.

  1. Global Commission: commissions can be set on a global basis, per property basis, per supplier basis, and on a per reservation basis. The global commission percentage is entered here to have the system auto-apply to each reservation.  
  2. Check-in/out times: specify the default check-in and check-out times, this can be overridden on a per reservation basis.
  3. When owners log into the owner portal account, allow or disallow owner to view net rental revenue against each booking. The net is the rental revenue after taxes and commission.
  4. Enable this setting to receive email notifications when new bookings have been added or modified.
  5. Enable this setting to have the system email the owner when a new booking is created.
  6. Update Rates: When this setting is enabled, the system will automatically update the rates of a reservation if either of the following scenarios occur.

      A:    Add or remove nights from a reservation

      B:   Move a reservation from Property A To Property B

The reservation rates are based on the rates that are assigned to each property.